Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps ( ak-2350-2p )

Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps ( ak-2350-2p )

Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps


Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps

KPR`S dewatering submersible pumps, known for job site dependability. Pumps are constructed of strong die cast aluminum and stainless steel body parts; they are fitted with stainless steel hardened impellers and field adjustable nitrile rubber diffuser. The both upper and lower mechanical seals are wholly enclosed in oil chamber. These tough pumps do not have to be totally submerged and will operate under snore conditions if necessary.

Model No. : AK-2350-2P

Motor Rating:
2HP (1.5KW)/3Ø/50Hz/415Volt, 2800 RPM DOL Start squirrel cage continuous rated induction
motor, insulation Class H (1800C).

Full Load Current:
5 Amps @ 415 Volt/3Ø/50Hz Ac Supply

Discharge Connection:
2”Stainless Steel, Hose type.

Start/Stop: Max.15 per hour.

Power Cable:
15 meter, Water proof EPR insulated, flexible power cable of size 4 Core X 1.5 sq.mm.
*Use rated current when sizing control equipment.


Mechanical Seal :
Double seals of Inner Car/Cer & Outer Tungsten Carbide Vs Tungsten Carbide and are wholly
enclosed in oil chamber.

Casted Parts : Aluminum Alloy LM4
Outer Casing : Stainless Steel SS304
Motor Casing : Aluminum Alloy LM4
Motor Shaft : Stainless Steel SS431
Impeller : Stainless Steel 410, Hardened (HRC-55)
Fasteners : Stainless Steel SS304
Oil Chamber : Aluminum Alloy LM4
Diffuser : Nitrile Rubber Coated
Strainer : Stainless Steel SS304 with circular holes of 6mm X 6mm.

Max. Submergence depth-10 Mtr.
Max. Liquid Temperature-400C.

*These pumps must be used with external motor protection in accordance with technical data.

Weight: 19 KG (Approx) without Cable



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